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Prices for Voice Connections
You can contact us at any of these numbers:
Metro 972 647-1074 or 817 868-7554
Fax: 972-606-7525

Or you can sign up by clicking here .

Our Current Pricing:

Metro Voice Mail:   $15/Mo (972 or 817 numbers)

Local Voice Mail:   $11/Mo (972, 817, 214, 210, or 281 numbers)

Fax Numbers:  $7/Mo. Plus 10 cents/fax [delivered to email]

Included --

Up to 2-min greeting and up to 2-min message. Unlimited calls and unlimited messages per month. Message alert to pager, regular or cell telephone or email. VM system available in Dallas, Ft Worth, Houston and San Antonio and other major cities  throughout the U.S.

Add --
  • $3/Mo/for Caller ID on Voice Mail System
  • $7/mo for Fax Service with Voice Mail - Both with one number plus .10/fax over 10/month
  • $10/Mo for Transfer Capability on Direct Numbers
  • $10/Mo for Live Operator Revert-50¢/operator call [or 1.00/min]

Trees or Billboards --

$20 for first mailbox[metro]deduct $5 for local number - $10 for each mailbox under the master box (up to 5 boxes) $8 each for 6 – 9 sub-mailboxes. $7 each for 10 or more.

Live Operator Service - $55/mo [Includes up to 100 calls] Overcalls - $.40 each or $25/mo plus $1.00/minute. [$25 activation fee]

Pager services available.

$20 (Add $5 for Tree/Billboard & Metro Inbound Call Processing mailboxes)
Note: Fee is waived with three-month advance payment for voice mailbox service or non-profit groups.

800/888/877 Numbers --

We provide toll free numbers at $5 extra monthly charge.  Toll charges will apply at .08/min. We also have flat rate 8XX mailboxes for $25.00/mo with usage charges at 8 ¢/minute [150 min/mo included].

Activation Fee --

$20 (Add $5 for Tree/Billboard & Metro Inbound Call Processing mailboxes) 
Note: Fee is waived with three-month advance payment for voice mailbox service or non-profit groups. Live Operator Service and pagers available.  

Telephone Answering Service

40 Calls / mo. - $35 – Additional calls 45¢ each or .90/minute

*100 Calls / mo. - $55 – Additional calls 40¢ each or .90/minute

200 Calls / mo. - $95 – Additional calls 40¢ each or .86/minute

300 Calls / mo. -$128 – Additional calls 36¢ each or .86/minute

A voice mailbox is provided at no extra charge for message retrieval. Automatic pager notification or text msg to cell phone is included . Messages can be sent to a local dedicated fax number or emailed daily at no additional charge. All calls can be emailed or a text message to a cell can be sent. Operator follow-up counts as a call. Record conversation - $10/mo additional. 800 service is available. *Alpha paging service available at same rate.

Voice Mail w/ Operator Revert

Unlimited calls - $25.00 / mo. Each operator call – 50¢ or .90/minute

All messages go to voice mail – system automatically calls pager or cell phone on each message if desired. Operator calls can be faxed to dedicated fax number or to email or by text to cell.  Voice mail messages can be sent to email as a .wav file [requires speakers on computer].

Standard Voice Mail

Voice Mail with Unlimited calls each month - $15 / mo. (Metro); $11/ mo. (Local)

FAX numbers - $7/mo. plus .10 cents/Fax over 10/mo.

Telephone number provided at no additional cost. Numbers can be 817, 214 or 972 area code metro or local numbers.

VoiceMail with fax svc: Add $7 to VM price.

Applicable Sales Tax & TUSF in addition to above rates.

Activation fee: Live Svc: $25; Voice Mail: $20 Fax: $10  [Fee waived if 3 mo payment when activated]